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Vanithamani Arulvel Profile

Vanithamani Arulvel

Founder of Kathaikalam


Vanithamani Arulvel is a dynamic storyteller for children exclusively in Tamil. She is the founder of Kathaikalam, a leading center for storytelling in Tamil Nadu. Vanithamani is a storyteller who uses her skills to engage children and teach them essential life lessons. She is also an educator who has trained thousands of teachers to use storytelling in the classroom.

Kathaikalam offers a variety of programs for children, including storytelling sessions, workshops for parents, and soft skill training for college students. The center also conducts academic training for teachers on creating a happy classroom through storytelling. Vanithamani is a frequent speaker at conferences and events on the topic of storytelling. She has also published several books on storytelling, including "Amizhdhu," a book of stories written by children, and "Kathaisolliyin Payanam" a book about the life of a storyteller.

Vanithamani has received numerous awards for her work in storytelling. She was also featured in the TEDx talk "The Power of Storytelling."


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Kathasolliyin Payanam (Tamil)

by Vanithamani Arulvel

Kathasolliyin Payanam was published in 2023. The stories in the book deal with the importance of communication and understanding between people. The book also provides a unique perspective on the power of storytelling to connect people and create change.

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Amilthu (Tamil)

by Vanithamani Arulvel

Amilthu was published in 2020. The stories in the book are filled with captivating adventures, charming characters, and heartwarming life lessons that will spark the imagination of every young reader. Each story is carefully crafted to entertain and educate, instilling valuable morals and values in a fun and engaging way.


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