Kathaikalam Session Registration

By Vanithamani & Team


  • Age: 6 & above


  • Content:

               Tamil Storytelling, Tamil Reading, Puppet show, Craft, Brain games& fun Maths , Traditional Arts, Traditional games, Written activities (Tamil), Children's Song, Games, Puzzles, sessions about Nature , Tongue twisters, Environmental studies.

              தமிழ் கதை சொல்லல், விளையாட்டுகள், பாடல், வாசிப்பு, புதிர், நாநெகிழ் பயிற்சி, கைப்பாவை காட்சி, பாரம்பரிய கலைகள்,  இயற்கைப் பாடங்கள்.

  • Registration ends on this March 31, 2022

Benefits of this session.

  • Enable children to empathise with unfamiliar people/places/situations. 

  • Offer insights into different traditions and values. 

  • Offer insights into universal life experiences. 

  • Help children consider new ideas. 

  • Reveal differences and commonalties of cultures around the world. 

  • Promote a feeling of well-being, fun and relaxation. 

  • Increase children’s willingness to communicate thoughts and feelings. 

  • Encourage active participation. 

  • Increase verbal proficiency. 

  • Encourage use of imagination and creativity. 

  • Encourage cooperation between students. 

  • Enhance listening skills. 

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 Dates & Timings

Online Session

Session will be conducted through Zoom

Date:    April =  7, 11, 18, 21, 28

Timings: 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Only 20 Children 

Offline Session

Date:  April 8,15,22,29 (Four Sessions) 

Timings: 5.45 pm to 7.15 pm

Session will be conducted at Kathaikalam, Butterfly Children Library.

13, Saravana Nagar, Thindal, Erode,    Tamil Nadu, India - 638012

Only 15 Children